If You're Looking to Make a Trade, Timing is Everything

Your old car, truck, or SUV's may be getting up there in years and mileage. Perhaps it's just outlived its usefulness for a change in lifestyle. Either way, we'd all like to avoid the car repair bills that can come with vehicle age, as well as those unexpected dips in value caused by plain old depreciation. No matter what your situation, when it's time to trade in your used vehicle, there's plenty to consider. Often, the most important element is timing, and our Meridian, MS Hyundai dealer will be happy to punch the clock and weigh in to help you decide when a trade's right for you.

Overall, you'll want to consider market conditions, your used car's condition, and your personal circumstances. Then it comes down to the details.


  • Take into account the season. Many say the ideal time to trade in a used vehicle is in the spring or summer, when drivers are out and about, and showrooms and lots are easily accessible. It's a good idea to avoid the winter holidays when budgets often contract and your fellow drivers try to stay out of the cold as much as possible. Also, consider your body style in relation to the terrain and climate of your area and how your vehicle might appeal to your fellow locals. You may find a used coupe or convertible fares well in warm, dry climates with plenty of wide-open space to cruise. A pre-owned SUV or truck can do better in a market with an off-grid to trek through and a full job roster requiring towing and hauling power.
  • Keep an eye on supply and demand. When the local market here in Meridian, MS is flush with pre-owned options, their values tend to drop. Take a look around. Await a bit of a thin-out before trading. You may just make the most of your vehicle's fair market selling price, and here at John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai, that value you deserve is exactly what we strive to deliver.
  • Seek out something new when your used model simply no longer meets your needs. You can incidentally avoid further depreciation this way, as well as insurance, registration fees, and the like on a vehicle that doesn't suit your lifestyle any longer.
  • The same goes for while everything's still in good working order. Inspections that lead to auto repair concerns can mean a deduction from your asking price, and one maintenance issue and associated cost can often lead to another, and so on down the line. These kinds of problems usually owe to two main causes: hitting upper mileage milestones, often associated with decreased performance, which kicks depreciation into a higher gear, and the one-two punch of a factory warranty expiration. The next owner, to wit, is more likely to appreciate some coverage still in tow. So, if your seasoned traveler's still up to speed, it's a better time than ever to value your trade.


Stop by for a chat with one of our friendly staff here at John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai today. We'll be happy to provide further advice, whether on trading in a used car, truck, or SUV or the next leg of your new-vehicle journey – our fast and easy auto loan application and lease process. If you're stopping in from nearby Mississippi locales like Decatur or Quitman of those in Alabama like York or Livingston, you'll find us easy to locate, right here at 2001 Highway 39 North in Meridian. We look forward to meeting you!