Know What to Expect, and Negotiating Your Price on a New or Used Car Can Be a Done Deal

When it comes to working with dealer sales personnel on a sales tag to suit your needs, there are more than a few caricatures floating around. Haggling with a manager used to be a thing. Plus, we've all heard the legend of the pushy salesman. Thankfully, though, a lot of those have fallen by the wayside as fair market pricing tools like Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book have made the pricing process much more transparent. But either way, we feel you: where to start negotiating, what to say, and how to go about it can be a daunting task.

Not to worry. At John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai, our friendly finance team's top priority is finding you the bottom line you both prefer and deserve, whether on that new Hyundai you've been dreaming of or the used car, truck, or SUV that's caught your eye. What's more, you can prepare for your visit to our Meridian, MS Hyundai dealership by following a few pieces of advice.


  • Begin with a purchase price in mind, not your monthly payment. Doing the reverse can not only limit you to vehicles you may not want to end up in. It can put you in the situation of needlessly overspending on auto financing, as you might need to extend the life of your car loan to compensate, driving purchase price up slightly. Luckily, to assist you in stepping into the driver's seat, we offer a variety of finance and cash incentives to help lower that total price. Plus, making a trade will always go toward that goal, too.
  • Take all the time you need to think about your decision. Options abound for our fellow Hyundai enthusiasts here in Meridian, and our dealer's made it a calling to serve drivers from Decatur and Quitman to all the way out to York and Livingston, AL with distinction. Most of all, we're a part of the community, as we've been for a long time. We know it's a big choice, and we're here to help you explore yours. Whenever you're ready, we'll be happy to shift your finance process into gear.
  • Made your choice? Be upfront with your asking price. You know who you are, and you know what you like. If you have a number in mind, feel free to take the initiative. Plus, you can always ask us for our best price. There's always room for us to step up and help meet your budgetary preferences.
  • Keep your counteroffer options open. You might find that the alternatives with which you're comfortable work out in your favor.
  • Think through the minor differences. With most auto loan terms these days averaging well over 60 months, a price difference of a few hundred dollars can mean a pittance more per month in your payments. If that's something you're square with, it may be well worth it to take advantage of an excellent bottom line.


Ready to discover our extensive Hyundai and off-brand lineup here at John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai? Take the scenic drive out to see us here at 2001 Highway 39 North in Meridian, and we'll be delighted to show you around!