Need Credit-Building Advice? Our Pro Advisers at John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai Are Here to Help

There may be many ways to measure credit, from the metrics that go into a FICO score to the quick readouts offered by a VantageScore. But you're not just a statistic; you're a real person with a presence. Such is demonstrated by a credit rating's need in its makeup for, among other things, at least one active account that’s been open for six months or more, and at least one creditor having reported your payment activity to the bureaus in the same time-frame.

But if you have no credit history or your current credit score is of concern, who reports on it becomes less important than who's building it. Wondering how to start? Kick off that good repayment history and keep it responsible with a few tips from the experts at our Hyundai finance center.

First, you may already know tried and true advice like "make your monthly payments in full and on time" and "keep your credit use low," but there are other things you can do to earn that sterling reputation.


  • Explore your credit-builder loan options. These loans are held by a lender and not released to you until repaid. In a sense, this makes a show of your ability to save, and it can go a long way to showing creditors you mean business.
  • Discover the benefits of a secured credit card. Backed by an upfront cash deposit usually the same as your credit limit, this type of card works like any credit card. Just make your payments, which will incur interest if not paid in full. However, not making payments means your deposit's used as collateral. But take care of any obligations, and you'll receive your deposit back when the account's closed. It shows you can make payments -- a means to the end of acquiring a regular credit card without a deposit.
  • Have a co-signer on hand for new card and loan applications. If he or she is fine with the shared obligation, this is a great way to access credit that you may not otherwise qualify for.
  • Become an authorized user on a family card. If your primary cardholder's good with this, then it opens a world of possibilities. You can use credit as available while building a solid credit history, without legal obligation for charges made by others.


From there, it's all just a matter of sticking to your plan. When you find that coveted three-digit rating up to snuff, and it's time to explore your options for a new Hyundai or a used car, truck, or SUV here in Meridian, MS, our finance center will be here to help you make that ownership dream a reality. A new car loan is an excellent way to build that score further. You'll even be able to apply from the comfort of home, whether you're browsing from Decatur or Quitman, MS or planning to take the trip in from York or Livingston, AL.

Have any questions about auto financing or even the Hyundai lease process? Get in touch with the friendly experts here at John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai. We'll be happy to talk shop, whatever your needs. You'll find us right around the corner here at 2001 Highway 39 North in Meridian.

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