Auto Service with a Smile

Hyundai vehicles are capable and reliable. However, they aren't invincible. It doesn't matter if you drive a Hyundai Elantra, Sonata, Accent, or any other model; it still needs some care to keep it running smoothly. That's where we come in. At John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai, we'll help you keep your Hyundai in great shape for many years to come.

Regular auto maintenance is the easiest way to keep your car healthy. Taking care of minor issues prevents them from growing into large, expensive problems. Auto service also helps you save money in the long run; service checkups are a lot cheaper than auto repair. From brake checks to tire rotations to oil changes, our technicians know just what you need. Scheduling an appointment with us is easy; simply fill out our online service request form and we'll take care of the rest. At John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai, we do more than just help you find your dream Hyundai; we help you take care of it too.

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