New Hyundai Ioniq: Challenging Expectations at John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai

Some vehicles were made to get you from place to place while others were made to impress. Whether you need a vehicle that you can rely on or one that looks great from any angle as you drive through the streets of Meridian, MS, you'll find that the new Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid will exceed your expectations. Come to our dealership when you are in the Decatur, MS area and you'll quickly find out why our customers are impressed with the new model.

The Ioniq Gives You Performance Choices

One thing we find unique about the Ioniq are the choices you get. There is the Ioniq Hybrid, which is a blend between electric and regular gasoline-powered engine. You get pretty far per gallon with this choice, and you'll definitely get to explore more of Quitman, MS since you get up to 58 miles per gallon with the hybrid. The Ioniq Electric is another great option for those who want a fully electric vehicle. You get 124 miles per charge. You don't need to depend on gasoline, which does a lot of good for you, including reducing your carbon footprint. The Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid gives you the option of using it as a totally electric vehicle, but you can also switch to gas when you need to. This is the perfect choice for those who have to go long distances and will not be near charging stations.

The performance of each new Ioniq is pretty impressive. The regular hybrid comes powered by a engine that gives you up to 139 horsepower, and that is the kind of power you wouldn't expect from a hybrid. The electric options give you a little less power, but you still get an impressive 118 horsepower. The plug-in hybrid can give you up to 139 horsepower. All this power can be yours, and that is great. Keep in mind that this vehicle was also designed to give you the best fuel performance, so it is quite light, and that will make it easier for you to control as you drive in York, AL. You'll also notice its precise responsive steering, making it a fun vehicle to drive.

Explore the Technology Features

The Ioniq also comes with a number of technology features we think you are going to enjoy, like the seven-inch touchscreen display. Here is a display that allows you to explore many of the vehicle's features with just a few touches here and there. You get to access any connected devices using the touchscreen, and you get to use the vehicle's navigation system, to name a few things. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both on this model, making it easier to connect to your smart devices for your Livingston, AL expeditions. You get access to music streaming apps, and you should be able to access communication apps so that you can receive and make calls or send texts. Of course, talking on your phone through your car is going to be a hands-free experience to keep you focused.

You may love to know that the vehicle is equipped with wireless device charging. You know how many times people forget to bring their phone chargers with them when they go out. Sometimes, you're out and don't have a charger. You notice your phone is very low, and that is a problem your new Ioniq can solve. The vehicle's wireless device charging feature is a breath of fresh air. The tech in this vehicle is not all about smart devices and such. You also get things like a rearview camera to help you back up or park easier and safer. The Ioniq has blind spot detection available as well. This system is designed to detect vehicles in your blind spot and warn you about them before you switch lanes. This is done to keep you and others safe.

You can probably see why the new Ioniq is such a popular vehicle in our lot and why we think you should give the vehicle a test drive to see if it's right for you. Make your way to John O'Neil Johnson Hyundai today!

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